Quick and Easy Productivity Hacks For Creators & Entrepreneurs

By Joe Campo

Working 8, 10, 12 hours or more in front of a computer screen can take a toll on anyone. That was the case for me. For years, I struggled to keep momentum and productivity up while editing videos. Eventually I made a few changes.

Now, every day, I try to set up as many pins as possible to help my brain churn in an alpha state. Here’s a quick list of things I do. If you give anything a shot, I hope they contribute to a more effective day of progress.

FYI: Most people might find this somewhat repetitive and mundane. For me, the repetitiveness is what makes it easy to be consistent and make steady, trackable progress.

  1. Work can get tense. The only reason I don’t forget to breathe when the pressure rises is because of one book, “You Are Here”. A quick page before go-time is all it takes.
  2. What’s better than the sound of a fountain running while birds chirp in the distance? If you don’t have the real thing try the Noisli App—it’s awesome.
  3. To further reduce stress and boost focus: baroque music. Just a touch in the background starts a nice rhythm of brainwaves getting closer to alpha. For ambient vibes, give Marconi Union or Liquid Mind a shot.
  4. There’s nothing that throws off my focus quite like sugar. I do my best to avoid it. Avocados keep me zoned in like a champ. On-the-go my new favorite is the Keto Brick.
  5. Sunlight can make digital productivity difficult. I find drawing window shades and avoiding super bright light helps a whole lot.
  6. At the start of eye strain or when my head feels like it’s being squeezed into a Honda Civic’s glove compartment, I use Advanced Eye Armor to reset and power through the rest of the day.
  7. Laughing makes life better. I get a kick out of watching funny a clip or two and chuckling like an idiot. Lighten the day and don’t forget to inject a quick minute of belly laughter.

Again, this might seem short. I know you're busy. If you have questions or want to go back and forth on a point or two, feel free to shoot me an email, text or dm (info below). Also, hit me with your feedback on quick blurbs like this. It means a lot and helps improve the format of content we create. Thanks a million!

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