Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

So, blue light glasses, blue blockers, computer glasses— Why are they suddenly a thing? Do they live up to the hype? Are they worth your time? That and more answered here.

As of 2017, the American Academy of Ophthalmology says computer glasses aren’t necessary. What do they suggest? Taking breaks every 20 minutes. A great recommendation. But for hustlers it’s just not practical.

For most of us, the days, weeks, and months fly by without doing much about it. Hopefully this helps…

Do they really work?

Yes, blue light glasses work. There’s only two problems. #1 most blue light glasses suck. And #2 most producers don’t show customers how to use these powerful glasses properly.

Here’s what blue light glasses do:

Blue light glasses filter out light that consumes excess oxygen. When the right glasses are used the right way, eyes are able to sustain a healthy balance of oxygen—allowing them to feel relaxed and comfortable for longer periods of time. But all glasses aren’t the same. More on that in a bit.

When to wear?

Most people want to know if they can wear blue light glasses all day. Think of it like drinking water. Can you drink a gallon of water per day? Sure. But are you getting the full benefits or just running back and forth to the bathroom? In short, wearing blue light glasses all day is one of the quickest ways to cut the benefits short. Instead of wearing them all day, try wearing them indoors only, while looking at a screen. That’s when blue light is most extreme.

*Outdoor Use: No need to block or filter blue light while outdoors. Doing so also blocks healing properties of sunlight like red light and infrared light.

But are blue light glasses worth it?

It depends. How much time per day do your eyes spend looking at a screen? Is it in the morning, at night, or 24/7? Here’s a chart that may help:




worth considering

possibly worth considering

not worth considering

<3 hours screen time /day >3 hours screen time /day







Also, if you feel drained after screen time, get migraines, or notice weird changes like blurry vision, these are likely signs blue light glasses are a good idea to at least try.

Benefits of blue light glasses that work

Not all blue light glasses are created equal. It’s more than just lenses, frame size and shape are also important factors. Great blue light glasses—used the right way—leave you with the following:

relaxed eyes + minimized migraines: Dealing with eye strain, squinting, and headaches are nearly obsolete when light is filtered in your favor.

boosted focus: With the brain left to interpret less light information, concentration is easily leveled up. To say the least, it creates an unfair advantage in terms of productivity.

unharmed vision: With the retina safe from blue and violet light, days of accelerated vision loss are stopped in their tracks.

burnout protection: Normal function is restored to the pituitary gland (our stress hormone station)—leaving us able to handle a manageable level of stress hormones.

Types of blue light glasses + which work best

Two components that make up blue light glasses are:
  • Reflective Coatings
  • Tints

Both have pros and cons.

While some reflective coatings can be effective, they can also pose a risk for blue light reflected on the near side of lenses into the eye. This means exposure to undesirable, distracting and damaging light at a close distance.

Of course tinted glasses don’t win the award for best sex appeal. However, they still exist for one reason. Effectiveness.

While glasses that mix reflective coatings and tints might seem like the way to go, the combination still leaves eyes exposed to reflected blue light.

Before you give up on blue light glasses, go for glasses that don't use reflective technology. Your eyes will feel like they’re on vacation. One that's well deserved. That and more is why we developed Advanced Eye Armor.

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