The Backstory
AdvanceAware was created to encourage hard work, creativity, independence, and adaptiveness by connecting creators with uncommon tools and tactics to help them reach goals faster—while mindfully avoiding burnout.
Every idea starts with a problem… Mine? I was burned out. Back when I was building my first company, working nonstop on my computer, my 20/20 vision went blurry and my body began to shut down. The effects of a constant computer grind were so intense that I spent the following year moving my work setup nearly every day, struggling to get work done.

Friends working towards big goals had similar experiences, and we all couldn’t believe how hard it was to work for an 8, 10, or 12 hour stretch without feeling like we were killing our eyes. But, my job as a new business owner depended on it—so, what other option was there? It turns out there was some common sense behind it... 

Our bodies weren't made to sit in front of a computer all day and no matter how dedicated or passionate we are when it comes to work, the light that powers computer screens puts a severe strain on our eyes—while draining energy and brain power.

To remedy this, I started AdvanceAware.
By filtering (instead of blocking) blue light, designing specific glare resistant frames, and understanding the lifestyle of driven creators, we’re able to produce quality, anti-blue light eyewear that helps us make more of waking hours as a result of our bodies performing better. 

I believe that work, should be challenging and enjoyable. It should leave us excited and fulfilled, with plenty of energy to enjoy living life when the computer isn’t on. I also believe that everyone should plan to achieve and go for their dreams.

Our small community is for those who value hard work, persistence, and adaptiveness as well as those hungry to bring about their own bit of constructive disruption to this world. Lastly, AdvanceAware connects with supporters to ensure that for every day that goes by, all who are advance-aware are mindfully moving toward their goals.